2018 West Texas Talent Search Adult Semi Finalist #5 Kaylee Cochran. Kaylee Cochran is a strong willed woman who goes for what she wants (sometimes). Kaylee has an associates degree in Theatre, works for the local Girl Scouts and is currently trying to revive underground theater with her husband Chase "The Icon" Cochran

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2018 West Texas Talent Search Adult Semi-Finalist

2018 West Texas Talent Search Adult Semi-Finalist #1 Sonya Cortez. Sonya can be heard on the radio almost every night! While she wishes that meant she was singing for a living, she still enjoys her job as a 911 dispatcher. Singing is mostly a hobby for her, but if she found the opportunity to support her family by singing, she would basically believe in magic again. Her heart is made complete by her husband of 13 years, Mino, and their amazing 9 year old daughter, Meeghan

2018 West Texas Talent Search Adult Semi-Finalist #3 Austin Hickman. Austin is a chef from Monahans , Tx and a proud father of 2. He is an aspiring musician, and has been since 13, when he taught himself how to play guitar. Austin studied music at odessa college for some time before becoming an electrician. Since he enjoys writing and playing for family and friends, every chance he gets.

2018 West Texas Talent Search Adult Semi-Finalist #10 Randy Elizondo. Randy is a performance artist whose genre covers multiple generations of music from country to funky. He has several original songs that can be found on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes. He has had the desire to perform since his first time at the age of 5. He has played in several band and recorded a CD with the band Dirty Jones in Ruidoso New Mexico. Currently Randy is working on multiple projects but is mainly focusing on his solo career as an acoustic performance artist.

2018 West Texas Talent Search Adult Semi-Finalist #6 Prisila Valenzuela Hernandez. Prisila is just one of the most awesome people you'll ever meet. She can sing a tune and pack away all you can eat ribs. She is a devoted mother and happy to haven't killed anyone yet.

2018 West Texas Talent Search Adult Semi-Finalist #7 Angella Thompson. Angella has been singing since the age of three years old with the dream to share her talents with the world! She is a wife and a full time mommy to five as well as holds a full time career and has been through many trials in life through music!!! It’s simply what keeps her going family and music!! Angella has traveled all over the coun Th performing for fairs and some major events opening for some acts such as Sara Evans, Montgomery Gentry, Bryan White and many more!

2018 West Texas Talent Search Adult Semi-Finalist #8 Tasha Bone'

2018 West Texas Talent Search Adult Semi-Finalist #4 Michael Shields. I like to try and make people laugh I guess. It seems my personality is what I was meant to do in life. So I take it in stride to do what I like to do. I may not always accomplish my goal. But the fun in what I enjoy doing, is the trying part. That's sort of me in a nutshell.

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2018 West Texas Talent Search Adult Semi-Finalist #2 Abraham Valenzuela Abraham is 29, He's a father of 4 beautiful kids which he loves more than anything in the world , he recently found an outlet for all his pain and problems in life thru his freestlying and poetry, he's compassionate and sincere and has a big heart even when he thinks he's down for the count he'll never give up on his friends, family or loved ones!

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist #9 Adrienne Green. Adrienne was born and raised in Snyder Texas but, it is in Big Spring where she started making a name for herself. She co-host KBest Country Chaos in the mornings with Mark and she also serves as the news director. She is a stand up comic and loves to make the people of Big Spring laugh