Friday is SOLD out we have limited seating left for Saturday

Ticket Choice

Student with ID  Play Only $10.00

with Dinner $20.00

Adult  Play Only $15.00

with Dinner $25.00

(If you have an issue buying tickets please call or text Daniel Ryan at 432-978-7405)

Dinner will be served at 7:00 PM and include a choice of
Brisket with Mushroom Sauce, Mashed Potato, Veggies, Bread or
Chicken with White Wine Sauce, Herbed Rice, Veggies, Bread All options served with Tea, Raspberry/Mango Tea, Lemonade, Water and Dessert

A Limit of 50 Tickets will be sold each Performance.

Friday is Sold Out
Dinner Starts at 7

West Texas Talent Presents Neil Simon's Comedy/Drama "California Suite" on two nights April 27th and April 28th at Dee's Bistro. Tickets include an optional dinner selection with the play starting at 8:00PM

California Suite tells the story of four visitors who each stay in the same room.

   Visitors from New York features a story about highly driven New York elitist Hannah Warren (Laura A. Carpenter) and her Ex-Husband William (Chase Cochran) who has adopted a California lifestyle.

    Visitors from Philadelphia tells the tale of Marvin Michaels (Daniel R. Ryan III,) his wife Millie Michaels (Lorrie Norris), and the unwanted visitor Bunny (April Parker).

   Visitors from London is about Academy Award Nominee Diana Nichols (Laura A. Carpenter), her faithful assistant Sidney (Brandon Lopez), and her daughter Joanna Nichols (Kermit Dominguez), as they deal with the drama a night at the Oscar brings.

   Visitors from Chicago features four friends Mort Hollender ( Andres Rios), his wife Beth (Kermit Dominguez), Stu Franklin (Dominic Lopez), and his wife Gert ( April Parker), as they try to not just survive but, live through their dream vacation.

California Suite was written by Neil Simon. Directed by Daniel R. Ryan III. Stage Manager Jackie Brooks. Produced by Daniel R. Ryan III for West Texas Talent Entertainment.