2018 West Texas Talent Search Young

Adult Semi-Finalist

Vote for your favorite here and watch them perform at the MCM FunDome on Sept 1st at 8:00 PM

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist #3  is Andrea De La Rosa. Andrea is a self-motivated singer who loves to perform. She likes to take a popular song change it up and make it her own.

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist #1 Brandon Lopez. Brandon is a singer in hopes of making a name for himself. His inspirations include Josh Groban, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Buble. He one day wants to be on Broadway and inspire others to follow their dreams. Vote for Him Below

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist#2 Kristal Wight. Kristal is a singer/songwriter from Odessa/Midland, Texas. After an ACL injury prevented her from playing tennis, she taught herself how to play piano and started singing. Then after she performed the song Your Song by Elton John and an original called Did You Know at her high school’s talent show, she decided that this was something that she loved to do. Vote for her Below.

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist #5 Katia Soria  Katia started playing piano at the age of 8. She started singing in mariachi at the age of 14 and began receiving classical training when she enrolled in college. Ms. Soria is a senior studying music education as a double Vocal and Piano major at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin under Dr. Aimee Pineau. She plays piano, violin, and trumpet and has participated in band, orchestra, choir, mariachi, ensembles, and opera.

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist #9 Ashley Jenkins. Ashley is a self taught hoop dancer of four years one of which she spent teaching school age children the art of hoop dance. She has danced with two hoops and even fire hoops in the past. Although she specializes in single hoop dance, she has been featured on stage in a variety of performances such as community plays, talent shows, band performances, choir, and especially karaoke. Vote for her Below.

2018 West Texas Talent Semi-Finalist #7 Reina Rey. Reina is a 22 year old girl with a gift and a dream. Academically, she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology to carry on with the end goal of a career as a physicians assistant. Although, her ultimate dream would be to make it in the music industry and inspire her little girl to pursue her dreams no matter how many people Doubt her.

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist #6 Daena Reyes. Daena is a very talented girl plays guitar, sings, pretty much gets along with any one. Vote for her Below.

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist #10 Zariah Soto. Zariah is a singer, artist, and athlete. She enjoys singing and has been in talent shows held through her school and is currently in the permian high school girls varsity choir. She is a girl with a very unique voice and a strong passion for music. She wants nothing but to succeed in life and attend Duke University to study Nuerology. Zariah is a very determined and talented young girl and is very excited to perform and showcase her voice to others while also learning ways to improve her voice and performance presentation. Vote For her Below.

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist #11 Kaiden Elizondo from Lubbock Texas

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist #4 Alexandria Whitaker. Alexandria Whitaker is a 20 year old Snyder resident. She just finished her first semester at South Plains College in Levelland, TX, majoring in Commercial Music. Alex likes all genres of music, but is a big fan of classic country music. This last semester she was involved in the Country Jukebox ensemble and the Jazz ensemble. Next semester she hopes to broaden her experience by entering ensembles of different genres. One of her goals includes finishing her Commercial Music degree and starting her music career.Vote for her Below.

2018 West Texas Talent Search Semi-Finalist #8 Caroline Lucille Baker. Caroline Lucille Baker is a singer-songwriter from Flower Mound, TX. She grew up in a musical family and spent years studying voice, piano, and guitar. She participated in school musicals and choir starting from middle school. She has performed in a variety of venues such as Interlochen Center for the Arts, Traverse City Children’s Museum Gala, and the Houston, TX Rodeo. Caroline recently graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy as a Songwriting major and is ready to continue working in music. Vote for her Below.